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When I graduated from the University of South Florida I moved back home to South Florida. I was happy to be back with my family and friends and looking forward to entering the real world. I didn’t know I was coming home to both of my grandparents being very sick. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s and my grandmother had Parkinson’s. It was very sad see my grandfather having trouble recognizing his wife that he had been married to for 63 years. During this time, they had stopped paying their mortgage and their home was in foreclosure. My number 1 priority was finding a solution to saving my grandparents house.

Being fresh out of college I didn’t have any money. I contacted Bank of America and their solution was to pay them over fifty thousand dollars we did not have. After hours of research I saw this program called a loan modification. I found the paperwork on Bank of America’s website and started filling it all out. After showing up at the courthouse twice to make sure their house was not sold I finally got them approved for a loan modification. Their house was out of foreclosure and I got their payment down about $700 a month including escrow.

Saving my grandparents’ house ended up saving their life. After seeing the look on their faces, I knew I was on to something. I found this to be common with a lot of homeowners after the economy collapsed in 2008. The secret to life is giving and helping others. Since I not only saved their house but their life helping others in debt has been my passion.

“Our mission is to improve our clients financial and emotional state by putting them on a one-way street to economic freedom.”

– Gary White
Founder & President

Gary White
(President & Founder)


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